I've been compromised

An Agent Coulson that is suffering from the after effects of Loki's literal back stabbing. The magics that infected his wound in turn corrupted his mind. This Phil Coulson no longer believes in heroes.


Do you know who I consider part of my ohana?

Everyone. RP blogs, fandom blogs, personal blogs, diet blogs, food blogs, lolita blogs, cosplay blogs, hipster blogs, religious blogs, soft grunge/goth blogs, even the meme blogs.

If you know any of my URLs, you are a part of my ohana, and I’ll do anything within my meager power to help you.

I don’t care what you’ve done. Ohana forgives and takes members back under their wings.

I may not always have the right words and sometimes I get a little tired. That’s the thing about this big family of ours, there’s always someone you can turn to.

Everyone has their problems. For some of us it’s our physical appearance. For others it’s mental illness.

Ohana loves regardless.

I love you regardless.

And haters, anonymous or otherwise, have absolutely no right to tell you that you are anything less the perfect. Because to me and, assuredly, the rest of our ohana, you are perfect. 

If you don’t fit society’s definition of pretty or handsome or normal, that’s fantastic. You are beautiful and strong and so unique that you can’t possibly fathom how important you are. Don’t sell yourself short.

Listen to the Whovians, for a bit. No one is unimportant. NO ONE. I know we joke about them ruining improving hipster posts, but it’s true.

You are important. You are breathing, you are an amazing combination of tissues and cells and liquids capable of thought and reasoning. You live in a state above animalistic instincts, where you can ponder the vastness of the universe and recall the names of the constellations and the myths connected to them. You have a blog, possibly dedicated to certain actors or topics that you research day and night. Things you’ve dedicated your free time to. Things you escape in.

That’s fantastic. YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

And your ohana loves you.


This is just a text post with a picture, but I hope you read it and took it to heart, because I truly meant every single part of this.

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